by Jacob Læby

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Will become available in physical form as 2x CDR in cardboard sleeves, including extra artwork, at some point in the future.

For now with a full download you get the artwork to make your own CD.
All you will need is paper, printer, scissors and some glue.

With a full download you will also get a video in low Mp4 YouTube HD quality for each of the two tracks Electric Cave and RBG (an examination in chromesthesia) as well as a bonus track titled Canary.


released May 2, 2017

Composed, written, programmed, played and recorded by Jacob Læby, except for Daisy, where the lyrics are taken from the first verse of the traditional folk tune Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built For Two).

The bonus track Canary that comes with a full download of the album was made in collaboration with a friend who wish to stay anonymous and who also took care of the mixing and mastering of the track.

Artwork by Jacob Læby



all rights reserved


Jacob Læby Korsør, Denmark


The Universe 1:1 forwards and back again.

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Track Name: Labyrinth
The inner room is filled with doors that leads outwards
away from this and into the other,
The inner room is painted such that
it's color change according to the content
of the outer room,
which color is defined by the sum of all other colors
in all of the other rooms

The building that such appears is a kind of kaleidoscopic labyrinth
of impossibilities
where everything possible forfeits behind a hallucinating epiphany
of clarity's event horizon

And weeping rivers form oceans of gold
Track Name: Den Hvide Død (The White Death)
The White Death

Outside the desert rides on gluttonous dead camels
and we draw circles in the sand
like traces from a meandering snake

The starling's wailing anguish of spring
cloaked in cosmic background noise

The virus judgment from beyond's primordial soup
induce a photograph of you in second hand clothes
that seems to be an incarnation of the mumps' swollen bride of flu
choked by the neuter mirror image of Pan

A bioluminence shadow of the past
lost in the vertiginous metageometric labyrinth of Fibunaci

The white death that sometimes creeps
in under the doorstep,
shoots needle pain phantoms through the seams of our dress,
deprives space it's embrace of time,
and expose the view through
love's bars:

My heavenward peepholes' apple cavities
turn in the velour padded teak wood coffin of your soul
by intimacy's stinging vacuum:

A singularity of hungering apathy!
The eye that breathes behind our back!

A dulling impotence
every time your head
hides behind a shrug


Original poem in Danish:

Den Hvide Død

Udenfor rider ørkenen på forslugende døde kameler
og vi tegner ringe i sandet
som spor fra en bugtende slange

Stærens jamrende fårårskvaler
er tegn
forklædt i kosmisk baggrundstøj

Virusdommen fra det hensides ursuppe
fremkalder et fotografi af dig i genbrugstøj
der synes at inkarnere fåresygens opsvulmede influensabrud
som kvæles af et intetkønnet spejlbillede af Pan

En bioluminent fortids skygge
tabt i Fibunacis svimlende metageometriske labyrint

Den hvide død der indimellem sniger sig
ind under dørtærskelen,
skyder fantomnålesmerter gennem vores klædedragts syning,
fratager rummet dets favntag om tiden
og blotlægger udsigten gennem
kærlighedens tremmer:

Mine himmelråbende gluk-huller's æblehuler
vender sig i din sjæls velourpolstrede
teaktræskiste ved nærhedens stikkende vakum:

En singularitet af sultende aparti!
Øjet der ånder os i nakken!

En sløvende afmagt
hver gang dit hoved gemmer sig
bag et skuldertræk
Track Name: Daisy
There is a flower
Within my heart,
Daisy, Daisy!
Planted one day
By a glancing dart,
Planted by Daisy Bell!
Whether she loves me
Or loves me not,
Sometimes it's hard to tell
Track Name: Lullaby
A poignant scent, in fevered dreams
somewhat blue
weathered and blurred,
scrawled signs written on the water's surface
in the language of sea creatures,
incognizable and out of reach.
Now all a washed up riddle
laying rotten on the shoreline
an enigma without dignity
a question mark hidden behind each sentence
a lament for a long lost love,
at the banks of Styx.

And then:
Suddenly, yet subtle,
like a premonition of a possible reconciliation,
a single start shines through
oscillating in the vibrant foggy night sky,
orchestrating the wind in the weeping willows shushing hum,
one misty morning, with a yearning passion,
at the lake where our first infatuation was born,
and made way for this new days
black sunrise.
Track Name: Return To Center
We wasted every word
with unspeakable precision
until nothing could be separated
from the world

The wound on your hand
grows into your soul
gates burst open
to rooms with frayed wallpaper

a red mass of light
whispers adhesive filaments
from fatherless infants tongues
a lie falls bleeding into itself

Everything returns to center

Everything returns to sender